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Zac HawkinsHi, I'm Zac Hawkins, owner and administrator here at the Powerline Club. I'm so glad you've found our site. You've likely reached this page to find out who and what we are all about.

I've been working online since back in the early 90's. Yup, way back in the old dos 3 days! (right before windows 95 came out if you remember that) Anyway, over these many years I've owned so many sites, sometimes I remember one I hadn't thought about in years!

You see with the internet, many of the sites we built years ago, simply became outdated and it became much wiser to simply build new up to date ones. Case in point is my skin care site. I used to have skin and scalp treatment.com, which had thousands of pages on it. When mobile devices became a large portion of website traffic, it became necessary to either make them responsive to multiple devices, or start over.

Well, since a site with thousand or more pages is a huge task to update to responsive, I started my new skin care site FlakeFree.com  Check it out, I manufacture my own line of lotion and hair products designed to relieve severe dandruff, dermatitis and numerous skin disorders.

I'm also involved in my families 50 year old corporation, Ferdinand's Wigs in Peoria IL. Along with our retail location, we manufacture one the most popular wig accessories specifically designed for Chemo patients during hair loss from their treatment.

I also still have an old marketing website I keep going just for sentimental reasons. It also has well over a 1000 pages, and is partially responsive, but a bit outdated. But again simply too big to update entirely. Check it out it's Internet Work Marketing.com

There are many more sites I've owned, I might go to the wayback machine one of these days and get screen shots of many of them to display here. (when I find the time....LOL)

I could go on and on about myself, but if you really want to get to know more about me, why don't you visit our forums and say Hi? You can also ask me any questions you may have. Check out the Forum Here.

Hope to see you there.
Have a great day...